Active Multiwallpaper Changer

Active Multiwallpaper Changer

Great program to manage your wallpapers

Tired of boring wallpapers on your desktop? Want to try something new? Want to have an adjustable calendar highlighning holidays, birthdays and other important dates on your desktop? Want to download regularly new high-quality wallpapers from the Internet? Then Active Multiwallpaper Changer is designed just for you.

Using Active Multiwallpaper Changer you can:

  • Place the flexible adjustable calendar on your desktop
  • Download new high-quality wallpapers within categories
  • Change wallpapers using hotkeys
  • Change wallpapers within the time interval
  • Choose one of six methods to set a picture as a desktop wallpaper
  • Specify picture background color
  • Specify picture scaling quality level
  • Automatically scan your folders for new images
  • Vary your wallpapers collection using the high-quality graphical filters
  • Make desktop icons text transparent
  • Show a frame around wallpaper
  • Use most popular graphical files formats as wallpapers without enabling Active Desktop

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Active Multiwallpaper Changer


Active Multiwallpaper Changer

User reviews about Active Multiwallpaper Changer

  • stormknight

    by stormknight

    "Its needs a screensaver as well!"

    If this also could act as a Screensaver, then I would've downloaded it. Does it do that and I misunderstood the progr...   More.